Network Operations Center (NOC)

Voonami’s data centers feature a state-of-the-art NOC (Network Operations Center), staffed 24/7/365 with our professional support engineers. The primary goal of the NOC is to prevent any disruption in service for its customers. Voonami’s NOC achieves this in a number of ways.

Proactive Monitoring

Voonami’s NOC engineers monitor and manage the network to ensure that your equipment is functioning at its ideal performance. Our NOC team watches the status of virtual machines and equipment within our data centers to shield against any threat that would lead to customer downtime. Physical facility checks are also performed routinely to confirm that each server cabinet is locked, free from visual and audible errors, and operating at optimal temperature and humidity ranges.


Voonami data centers are protected with state-of-the-art two-factor biometric security systems, video surveillance, and the latest security audit programs. These security standards and practices allow Voonami to monitor and control physical access to its data centers at all times. Rest at ease knowing that your critical business infrastructure is safeguarded 24/7.

Preventative Maintenance

Voonami’s NOC will provide routine maintenance on your servers, install the latest patches and security updates, and continually scan the network for infections. With these protective measures in place, Voonami can aid in preventing any negative impact in service for its customers.

Radical Support

Our support team is available via chat, email, and call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event that you require assistance, our experts will quickly resolve your issues and get your business systems running smoothly. With Voonami’s ticketing system, we will track every support request and ensure that it gets handled as quickly as possible while frequently updating you with the progress.

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