Voonami: Utah’s Greenest Data Center

August 22, 2012 

Taking advantage of Utah’s unique environment, Voonami has implemented a cooling system that uses just 20% of the cooling energy of a typical data center. The low humidity in Utah and technology advancements combine to make this system efficient and scalable. Using this advanced technology, reduces energy consumption by 80% and helps the environment in the following ways: We have reduced green-house gas emissions by 922 thousand pounds of carbon dioxide per year, equivalent to removing 88 car(s) from the road or reforesting 98 acre(s) of trees.

According to Joe Loper, Senior Vice President of Policy and Research at Alliance to Save Energy, “Energy-intensive data centers, which run 24 hours, seven days a week, consume significant amounts of electricity – estimated 20 to 30 billion kilowatt hours annually, roughly equal to the electricity consumption of the entire state of Utah”on his report Energy Efficiency in Data Centers: A New Policy Frontier. He continues to say “Nationwide, data center electric bills are now roughly $2 to $3 billion every year and require roughly 30 power plants.”

Voonami’s West Valley Data Center is the most energy efficient data center in the Region.“We value the environment we live in and we continue to spend our efforts in evolving technology and keeping the environment safe with energy efficient Data Centers.” said Ben Bush, the President of Voonami.

Not only is Voonami’s data center the most efficient in the state it also offers a fully redundant N+1, secure environment, in which, Voonami customers can be certain their servers and equipment are always secure and running.

To schedule a tour of our West Valley City Data Center, please contact Voonami at 801.995.4000 or email us at info@voonami.com.

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