Utopia Business Internet

Reliable High-Speed Fiber Internet for Your Business


Fiber-optic internet is the fastest internet technology available. Voonami offers reliable, high-speed fiber internet connectivity to businesses through UTOPIA Fiber. Now you can run your business without delays. Get the connectivity needed to stay competitive in todays business landscape. Our fiber internet services, paired with our radical 24/7 support, make us Utah’s premier Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Voonami Dedicated Cloud storage array operating within Voonami's highly secure, world-class data centers.


30x Faster

Experience 30x faster performance than the average internet speeds of cable or DSL. Fiber transmits data through a glass conduit using light. That’s literally light speed internet.

Symmetrical Speeds

Symmetrical upload and download speeds allow you to download high quality videos in seconds, upload your photos instantly, easily share huge files, and video chat in HD.

Dedicated Connection

With a dedicated connection to your business, you’ll push the limits of what is possible and say goodbye to the shared internet lines and slow connectivity of the past.

24/7 Radical Support

Voonami’s 24/7/365 knowledgable and friendly customer service team is always ready to assist you with technical support when you need it.

No Data Caps

Voonami does not cap or throttle your internet use. Use as much data as you need, whenever you want, without the worry of limiting your lightning fast internet speeds.

High Definition Voice

Make high definition phone calls without lag using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Click here to learn more about Voonami’s Business Voice add-ons.

Voonami is dedicated to delivering the highest quality internet services with the best savings. See how Voonami can improve your internet experience today.

Cities Connected to Utopia Fiber

Voonami currently supports internet services to these select cities through UTOPIA Fiber:

  • Bountiful
  • Brigham City
  • Cedar Hills
  • Centerville
  • Clearfield
  • Layton
  • Lindon
  • Midvale
  • Morgan City
  • Murray
  • Orem
  • Payson
  • Perry
  • Pleasant Grove
  • Santa Clara
  • Syracuse
  • Tremonton
  • West Haven
  • West Point
  • West Valley City
  • Woodland Hills

Service Report

Miles of Installed Fiber-Optic Cable
Faster Performance Than Cable


No, Voonami will not cap your data or throttle your bandwidth. Feel free to use the data that you need without a worry that your internet speeds will slow down.