Voonami offers a wide variety of power circuits to meet your needs. From 120 Volt/15 Amp circuits to 208 Volt/50 Amp 3 Phase circuits with both primary and redundant power options.

Energy Efficient

We have the greenest data centers in the region because we are cooled with a state of the art energy efficient cooling system that was custom engineered from the ground up. With a PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) of under 1.2, Voonami data centers are able to reach efficiencies that make other data centers green with envy.

UPS Battery Backups

Take advantage of our clean, stable and reliable power delivered right to your rack. Backed by a bank of UPS (both A and B legs) that are always on standby ready to deliver power to the floor should an adverse power event occur.

Backup Generators

We have backup generators that are tested weekly. In addition, we perform a full load transfer every month to make sure in case of an emergency our equipment is responding accordingly. With contracts from multiple fuel suppliers, we are guaranteed to have fuel delivered in 4 hours or less to keep us up and running for any extended amount of time.

Power Options

We have many available power configuration options:

  • 120Volt/20Amp
  • 120Volt/30Amp
  • 208Volt/20Amp
  • 208Volt/30Amp
  • Additional options available upon request (3 Phase circuits available as well)

We have all of your bases covered when it comes to power.