Virtual Dedicated Servers

The affordable cloud solution for your business applications


Voonami’s Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) solution provides you with access to pre-packaged virtual machines that are optimized to run in the cloud and provide you with a powerful platform for your business applications. Turn up the resources that will power your business as you need them. Voonami’s VDS solution provides predictable pricing that fits nicely with your budget.

A customer uses Voonami Sandbox Cloud to test code


Dedicated Resources

Voonami’s VDS solution gives you the computing power your business needs by reserving resources dedicated specifically to your virtual machine.

Affordable Solution

Rather than purchasing expensive equipment, Voonami provides you with a virtual machine and computing resources that match the benefits of having a physical dedicated server—without the expense.

Predictable Cost

Stick to your monthly budget without the worry of fluctuating IT costs. With Voonami’s VDS solution, you know exactly how much you are spending on your virtual environment each and every month.

Allow us to handle and manage the hardware while you focus on your business-critical applications.

Voonami Cloud Benefits

These premium features and benefits come standard with any Voonami Cloud product:

Enterprise Hardware

Voonami utilizes the best equipment for our framework to ensure that your virtual environment is running at its peak performance around the clock.

Root Access

Take total control of your virtual server with full root access, giving you the power of customization and limitless configuration possibilities to match the unique needs of your business.

Powerful Web Portal

Deploy, manage, and automate your virtual environment using Voonami’s powerful web portal. Easily manage your network, security, and snapshots all in one place.

24/7 Radical Support

To ensure that your critical business systems are always on and running at their prime, Voonami’s professional and knowledgeable staff is on-site and available to help you 24/7/365 via phone, email, or live chat.

Monitored Hardware

Voonami is committed to the care and maintenance of our hardware that hosts your VDS. We monitor our hardware around the clock, which enables us to provide an SLA of 99.99% for our customers.

Highly Redundant

We provide our multi-carrier, blended bandwidth to all of our VDS customers, giving you the redundancy needed to always have the Internet connection your business depends on.


We recognize your business is unique. That’s why we offer a variety of Virtual Dedicated Server packages to fit your specific computing needs.

Basic Plus

  • Windows or Linux
  •  8GB RAM
  •  4 Cores CPU
  •  100GB Storage


  •  Windows or Linux
  •  12GB RAM
  •  6 Cores CPU
  •  150GB Storage

Mega Plus

  •  Windows or Linux
  •  16GB RAM
  •  8 Cores CPU
  •  200GB Storage


  • Windows or Linux
  •  24GB RAM
  •  10 Cores CPU
  •  250GB Storage

Super Plus

  •  Windows or Linux
  •  30GB RAM
  •  12 Cores CPU
  •  300GB Storage

Super Plus

  •  Windows or Linux
  •  Customizable RAM, CPU, Storage
  •  Optional VPN and Backup
  •  Contact us for information

Service Report

Ultra-fast Provisioning

Uptime SLA

SSAE-18 Compliant


A major benefit of having a Virtual Dedicated Server is the ability to scale your virtual infrastructure to match your business needs. If you need to upgrade your VDS package, call us at 801-995-4000.

If you are unsure about what virtual server package will be right for your business, allow us to help. Our team of experts can suggest solutions based on your specific technical needs.

Absolutely! Our certified staff can help assist you and your team with critical tasks related to your virtual infrastructure. Allow us to handle your server while you focus on running your business. For more information about our managed services, visit this link here.