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Voonami Cloud

vCloud Director Overview

Quickly deploy, manage and automate your virtual infrastructure using Voonami Cloud powered by VMware.

Voonami’s vCloud Director provides role-based access to a Web console that allows the members of an organization to interact with our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) product.


Create Snapshots

Quickly create snapshots of your entire virtual machines or vApps. Easily revert back to how the environment was at a particular point in time.

Easily Scale Your Environment

One or more virtual data centers can be allocated to you depending on your business needs.

Perform Bulk Actions with vApps

Perform actions on a group of Virtual Machines at once using vApps within vCloud Director. Powering on or off, creating a template, and creating snapshots are just some examples of vApp operations.

Quickly Manage Users

Create and manage your users and control what privileges they have. You may add users one by one manually or import a list of users using the built-in “Import Users” tool.

Save Time with Templates

Build templates to quickly deploy multiple virtual machines and easily scale up your environment.

Share Networks Between vDCs

View the various network connections that exist for your virtual machines and share those networks between your virtual data centers.

Configure and Manage Your VMs

Configure and interact with your servers and perform various actions to your virtual machines such as attaching virtual media, opening a remote console, or changing the configuration of the virtual machine.

Catalog Your Virtual Media

Install a new virtual machine from the ground up or install applications from an existing machine using a catalog of virtual media. You may also use the built-in uploader to import templates and media from your local workstation.