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As application service providers and data-centric businesses continue to grow, the need for secure, scalable space with diverse upstream internet access is a mission-critical decision. Yet building and expanding facilities that house network architecture in order to meet increasing market demand can be a costly challenge for many companies. Fortunately, there is another choice.

Voonami was founded in 2006 to provide colocation, computing resources, managed services, and radical support. Voonami’s data centers provide solutions that enable you to reap the benefits of our facilities, network and support services instead of investing in additional overhead associated with maintaining your own infrastructure and support. Voonami is dedicated to providing tailored technical services and solutions to fit your exact needs. Whether your business is large or small, outsourcing your IT to Voonami is the smart alternative to building and managing your own infrastructure.

Voonami Data Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

With Voonami you will have:

  • Tailored solutions to accommodate various equipment or applications.
  • Scalable space in a secure environmentally controlled facility.
  • Cabinet options: full/half/third with lockable doors, custom cages and private suites.
  • Diverse connectivity to Tier 1 Providers.
  • Fixed and burstable access via dedicated Ethernet connections.
  • Dedicated hosting and complex hosting solutions.
  • Managed services and business continuance solutions.
  • A knowledgeable and helpful 24×7 NOC.
  • Redundant environmental systems, including HVAC, UPS, battery backup, generators, fire detection/suppression, and physical and logical security with full monitoring capabilities.

All of this is backed by the comprehensive and responsive support of our team of technical experts. Most importantly, with Voonami you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are partnering with a company you can count on— one with a history of delivering reliable, scalable data solutions to their satisfied customers.