Voonami offers you the ability to create your own Virtual Data Center. Within minutes, you can create and customize your own virtual servers located in our world-class data centers. We provide you secure portal access with which you can add, remove, manage, and re-allocate resources.

Sandbox Cloud

Looking for a inexpensive virtual environment where you can test out your ideas without paying for a high-end production environment? Look into Voonami's Virtual Sandbox.

On Demand Cloud

You are in control. You have the flexibility to add or remove RAM, CPU, and storage to your existing virtual servers or add additional virtual servers at anytime. You only pay for what you allocate. No long-term contracts.

Dedicated Cloud

Reserve your own dedicated resources. Your Virtual Datacenter is provisioned with your own dedicated resources. You have the flexibility to allocate the resources however you wish.

Private Cloud

The Hosted Private Cloud allows your company to build a secure, private dedicated infrastructure to your exact specifications. Unleash your company's potential without the high upfront cost.

Hybrid Cloud

Have your cake and eat it too! Not ready to move entirely to a hosted environment? Gradually ease into it by maintaining your existing servers and adding a hosted server or two with Voonami. We can tie directly into your network so you have one foot in the cloud and the other firmly planted on the ground.


Let us host your database. We offer Postgres and Oracle database as a service platforms that know how to scale.

End User

Looking for a completely hosted solution from servers to desktops. Voonami's End User Cloud can take care of all of your end-user computing needs.